Why Pay More? Quality, Affordable Health Care Close to Home

As a patient of SWLA Center for Health Services you can save money on your health care costs

• Patients without insurance are charged according to their household income.

• Patients with insurance can receive discounts on non-covered services, co-pays and deductibles based on their household income.

• Medicare patients’ annual deductible is waived and co-payment/coinsurance can also be waived based on patient’s ability to pay. Medicare patients can also receive discounts on non-covered based on their household income.

• Patients without prescription drug coverage can receive reduced costs at our pharmacy and some patients can receive free or reduced prescription drug costs through various prescription assistance programs.

As a patient of SWLA Center for Health Services you will receive quality comprehensive and preventive outpatient health care services.

• SWLA Center for Health Services is accredited by the Joint Commission. This accreditation is the equivalent of the Good Housekeeping “Seal of Approval” for medical facilities and insures that the services you receive are the safest and highest quality available. All hospitals are required to have Joint Commission accreditation but it is voluntary for physician offices like SWLA Center for Health Services. We have been accredited by the Joint Commission since 2006.

• SWLA Center for Health Services offers a comprehensive array of primary health care services. Both medical and dental services are provided under one roof in our four convenient locations throughout southwest Louisiana. Click here to find the location nearest you!