The goal of Outreach is to provide information about services to populations who might not be aware of or otherwise have access to educational information about available services in their community. Outreach plays an important educational role - raising awareness about existing services. Our outreach activities include:

Free Screenings and Educational seminars are provided for the community on site at SWLA locations or in conjunction with other community partners.

Annual Healthy Neighborhood Walk

The annual Healthy Community Walk is an opportunity for the community to participate in an activity that supports good health and well being. This 3K walk is designed to involve not only clients of the center but also area organizations and businesses focused on advocating healthy lifestyles. The event is free to the public.

A monthly meeting of individuals diagnosed with Diabetes to discuss diabetes issues, share problems/successes and receive information on new advances in diabetes management. This monthly meeting is facilitated by Lillian Browning, Certified Diabetic Educator. Patients of the center are monitored monthly for improvements and have the opportunity to share best practices. Call Dianna Ross, Community Outreach Coordinator at 337-312-2014 if you would like for us to participate in a community event.